Traffic – For What?

I don’t get in many cars. When I do I find that one of my biggest peeves is sitting in traffic especially when the road just opens right back up, as if nothing caused a crazy jam. A ride that should take just under five hours took nearly eight. Yes, EIGHT.

That is just insane to me. No construction, no accident (thankfully), no merge, no nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. What the heck caused the jam that we were we sitting in?

I should clarify that these are paved roads, major highways and it was a holiday weekend. I expect traffic.

But to sit, and sit and, you guessed it, sit – it’s infuriating! I know the journey is half the fun but a journey where you are actually moving.

The kicker is when all of a sudden the road just opens up and there is absolutely no indication that anything had been wrong? At least give me something, let me know what had caused the delay.

What the $%^&!?


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