Subway Gripes

For some reason I have been taking the subway more often lately. I forgot how amusing it can be down there. When cramming people into a car that travels underground, there are bound to be irritants — and I’m not just talking about the engines.

  • Loud music. Why do I have to hear what you are listening to?
  • People who won’t give up their seat for pregnant ladies and the elderly.
  • People who spread their legs taking up additional seats for said pregnant ladies and elderly people.
  • People with a ridiculous amount of luggage – it would be so much easier for you to take a cab.
  • The gooey liquid dripping from the ceilings of subway stations and the puddles they form on the ground colored with rust and whatever other gross liquids.
  • People who use the emergency exit door to make the alarm go off.
  • People who talk on the phone just as they are walking into the subway – um, hello: there is NO cell service down there.
  • Rude ticket agents. Why do you get to be rude AND keep your job?
  • People who lean on poles. Why does your whole body have to take up the pole when I just want to hold it. The pole. Not your body.
  • People who don’t move into the train car. If you want to stand next to the door, get off the train and be the last one to get back on
  • People that carry backpacks on their backs instead of carrying it at a lower level
  • People who stand and don’t realize where their bags are in relation to a sitting persons head

I’m sure I’m missing loads. What’s your biggest subway gripe?


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