While I participated in most of the BootsnAll 30 Day Indie Writing Challenge I did not cover everything. I had started this and found it in my draft folder, so I will finish it now.

Learn was one of the topics. Here goes:

Travel is about learning. Learning about yourself, learning about a place. And learning how well you can adapt to it.

I think the one big takeaway I have from my travels is to continue to learn about the world around me and continue to explore what is out there.

As I have written before, this world is far too big for me not to make a dent in it. Whether it’s in my own backyard, or halfway across the world, my curiosity is piqued. If the world will allow me, I will explore and thus learn.

I have learned that the boyfriend, while a hesitant traveler, is an engaged traveler and a bit of a history buff. Because of that, we are able to take in a new environment, while actively learning about where we are, and where those people have been.

I yearn to travel, to be on the road. I have such a desire to experience places and cultures, to learn things I did not know before, to try things out of my comfort zone and to engage with the world around me.


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