Texting and Driving – A Public Service Announcement

With school back in session, I just need to share an important reminder for your own safety!
I know people want to stay connected and for some reason, also while on the road.
Here’s the PSA for the day. Do not under any circumstances text while you are driving – voice to text or not. Any second your eyes are not on the road, there is cause for concern. They say texting is like drinking and driving.
Please please PLEASE do not text and drive ever. While you may be a good driver, what about the people who are not good drivers who are also texting? You need to be defensive and know what and who is around you on the road. Texting takes away those moments that could be used to identify whats up on the road around you.
Texting and driving is an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, most taxi drivers wear a blue tooth and spend most of their time driving you around, on the phone. Dialing is bad enough, but usually I am not in the cab when their call ends. If I ever saw one texting, or dialing, I would absolutely say something.
So I’m saying it to all of you, readers, please do not text and drive.
And if you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY have to talk on the phone, pull over. The person you are talking to cannot see the traffic and activity that you see. If you were simply talking to a passenger in your car, and someone cut you off, the conversation would cut off as well. The person on the phone does not see what you see, so their talking can absolutely distract you.
I don’t talk to anyone in my family if they are calling me while they are driving. I tell them to call me later when they are not handling a motor vehicle. They say, well I have hands-free. I don’t like it. Not one bit.
Please drive safely.

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