Eggs and Bread

I did it. In anticipation of not having much in the fridge, and knowing there may be an ice storm, I went to the supermarket last night. And I bought <gasp> eggs and bread. Yes, I did. [If you are confused about this quandary I put myself in, refer to an earlier post about my question of impulse buying milk, eggs and bread before a storm.]

I also bought relish, mushrooms, ice pops and a box of Better Cheddars. Please don’t judge my basket.

Quandary 1: Eggs

Justification: I was thinking that if I got stuck at home I might want to make matzoh ball soup, and for that I need eggs. Additionally, I might want to make omelettes or hard boiled eggs. I was also thinking a few days ahead because I will be making brownies for a Super Bowl party I am going to so in fact I would eventually need to buy eggs this week.

Quandary 2: Bread

Justification: I was also thinking that if I was too lazy to make the soup, a tuna fish sandwich might be easier. And if I am going to think about making a tuna fish sandwich, I may as well buy relish to mix into the sandwich. And, even though we have bread, I was craving potato bread for said sandwich that I may have.

And…the Better Cheddars found their way into my basket because I know there’s no bad snacks at home, except for 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Side note: Those are being rationed. I intend to still have a box (or at least a sleeve) well into April.

To offset the Better Cheddars, I bought mushrooms. An easy, healthy snack. Or a nice addition into my possible omelette. Who knows really. The lime ice pops were in the freezer at the checkout line so that was just an impulse buy.

And if you’re reading these posts in order, and wondering, yes, my appetite has indeed returned. It all happened sometime around 6.10p last night when I walked into the supermarket.


2 responses to “Eggs and Bread

  • Irene

    Wow. Sounds like your fridge and pantry are “stocked.” Hope you’re not housebound for too many days:)

  • jason

    I noticed in your previous posts, you questioned people that stocked up for a storm. I guess now you realize you need a little comfort food, especially since NYC has been bombarded with snow and ice this winter. The lousy weather has worn you down, and you now realize you need something.

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