Wild, nah, Mild, Weekend

The boyfriend gets upset sometimes because I don’t really like to sit and watch movies. Call it bad movies, call it ADD but I just can’t sit still. Until this weekend.

Sunday movie day! In fact, there were so many good movies on, I had to keep switching channels and/or recording others. Let me make it clear that my idea of good movies is hell for my boyfriend. There was My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill, Serendipity, Miss Congeniality and I stumbled upon a Sex and the City marathon. Even though I saw every one of these movies and shows countless times, I still managed to spend precious hours on the couch on Sunday.

While I am typically not good at naming movie quotes, I now know it is because I am never asked to quote these kinds of movies. Clearly pop culture never picked up these references and put them into Trivial Pursuit, or bar trivia nights, but it is these references I am good at because I was able to say the line (or close to it) before it happened, detailing the scene before it started.

Movie watching, and small portions of mint chocolate chip ice cream, is part of the recovery process from my trip to the ER on Friday. I did step onto the balcony for a hot five minutes early this morning for fresh air and took a short walk later in the afternoon to fend off stir craziness. Thank you, ridiculous cold spell at the end of March for making my weekend indoors, and mostly on the couch, perfectly acceptable.

Please don’t think I was a complete waste this weekend (even though I am allowed to be). In addition to watching television and sleeping, I showered, did laundry and even managed to clean the floors in the bathroom AND kitchen. Apartment living has its perks – there’s only one bathroom and a small kitchen 😉

I cannot remember the last time I had a weekend this lazy. But for the record, I’m okay to not have another for a long while.


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