A is not for aisle (seat)

All the people jockeying for seat changes at the gate cracked me up.

I had noticed an old man asking for an upgrade, a family with kids, and a couple all asking at the gate.

I had originally booked a middle seat which was the only thing available. I love window seats as close to the front of the plane as possible. When I checked in 24 hours before my flight, I was able to score 10A. Upon arriving at the airport, I checked at the kiosk one last time, and 6A was open for the taking. Perfect! I only had a carry-on and I was so close to the front of the plane so I knew I would be waiting at the curb for my ride very soon after I landed.

I arrived at my row and this guy who was part of the couple asking at the gate was in my seat. Lets take a step back for a second. I had seen the woman in first class on my trek back to 6A. When I told him he was in my seat, this guy, a well dressed professional, said “you have 6A?” I said “yes, A is the window.” He looked at his ticket and I just looked at him. He said “are you sure?” I said “yes, I’m certain.” Now I was getting annoyed. Clearly he wasn’t happy with his seat in the first place since he was at the gate prior to boarding but seriously? My ticket is right, you know it, and you are going to act like I am in the wrong? No sir.

The next part happened in what seemed like slow motion. He had already made himself at home in my seat, so resentfully closed up his half eaten sandwich and moved it to the middle tray, put his (read: my) tray table up and closed his laptop. After what seemed like an eternity he stood up and sighed. As if it were any consolation I said “the woman at the gate said the middle is going to be empty.” (which he already knew because his wife was living large in first class. He then mosied into the aisle so I could get to MY window seat. And the kicker, when this guy stood up, he had to be nearly six feet tall. In what world is the window seat comfortable for him? I just hate getting hit by the stupid drink carts, and I like controlling the window shades and I also like having a place to rest my head should I want to nap.

Then, throughout the flight, his actions let me know he was a frequent traveler with his Bose noise cancelling headphones, and the research for paving stones and backyard lighting (yes, I am that nosy) he was doing on his laptop. He was also looking at patient medical records and typing up notes (this was not me being nosy so much as all of the paperwork was sprawled out on the middle seat and tray table). Not sure what he was doing but I have to assume that he wasn’t an idiot, or a new traveler.

So yes, sir, on our plane, 6C was in fact an aisle. 6A was the window. On a flight with three seats on each side of the aisle, A and F are those coveted seats.

Where do you like to sit on a plane? Have you ever sat in another seat waiting to see if anyone would call you on it? Do tell in the comments below.


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