An Impromptu Invitation

Two glasses of wine, a bag of Walkers crisps and a new friend, Marisa, later, I have an invitation to stay with her in her apartment for the rest of the week.

Here’s how it went down. She worked at the Vines and after work she came to enjoy a glass of wine. Realizing how odd it was for someone to be sitting next to all of their belongings (read: backpacker gear) and sipping a lovely glass of wine, she decided to start a conversation.

We clicked immediately.

She decided that I was ‘normal’ because I knew someone who knew someone who introduced us to Emily. I decided she was normal because we went through two glasses of wine together without missing a beat.

She realized my conundrum and invited me to stay in her two bedroom apartment for the rest of the week. Her reasoning – she had an extra bed and I didn’t even have one. We left the bar, went back to her apartment to drop my stuff and headed out for the night and laughed about how our friends back in the States would find this extremely unsafe and weird.

After several glasses of Argentina’s finest at the Vines, Marissa and I decided we probably needed some sustenance as we walked to her apartment.


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