Funny how spring cleaning moves to January in my home. New year, new start. It’s a great motivator and one of my resolutions. Plus, the weather isn’t so great this time of year so it’s a perfect time to clean house and pare down the year’s clutter.

I’ve compiled bags of clothes to donate and thrown out at least four garbage bags of crap in the past three days. Seriously, stuff I didn’t even know I still had, or wanted. A textbook from college. Pictures with people that I don’t even know. Really?

I have moved a lot so I thought I was already traveling light. Now, even lighter.

I always start the new year with a list of resolutions – that I usually give up on by March. This year, my resolution is to stick with at least one of my resolutions. I’ve got it down to five (usually, it’s close to ten).

Readers – if you’re out there (which I realize is highly unlikely since this blog is just a day old)…do you have any interesting resolutions?


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