Heads Up!

Peeve of the day.

Texting and driving is not the only problem. Yes, texting while you are operating heavy machinery IS dangerous but so is texting and walking on crowded city streets.

Some people do anything and everything except pay attention to where they are going.

I do not have a car so I walk or take public transportation everywhere I need to go. I’ve walked with people who walk while sending emails and texts. I’ve passed people playing games on their phones (yes, as they are walking and yes, I am that nosy to look), using their iPod, iPad or iPhone, reading books (real ones or ebooks), snapping pictures, checking directions on a smartphone (if you are unsure where you are going, move over and stop walking!) and lest we forget, actually talking on the phone (this is a whole other rant for another day).

I am a self-proclaimed klutz.  Yet I am almost always intercepted by these people who just don’t pay attention and think the sidewalks should part because they are coming through. It’s not just limited to tech savvy young ‘uns. Just last night I was in the supermarket, leaving with my groceries, and an elderly man simultaneously texting and walking nearly crashed into me. I was holding three heavy bags so my reflexes to move out of his way were slower than normal.

I am all for texting, surfing, reading and playing if you are traveling on public transport, sitting in a waiting room and even standing in line. Because I do it too! But while you are physically walking or moving on city streets…not so much.

Just like with driving, please move over and let those of us actually paying attention to where we are going, pass you by.

Surely there will be more posts along these lines. Observing people behaving badly is so easy with city living.


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