Customer DISService

Since when did it become de rigueur for people working at a retail store to act like they are doing us a favor by doing their jobs? If I behaved that way to my clients, I’d be fired. Immediately.

Earlier this week I went to a local drugstore as I needed to pick up pictures that I had ordered online over the weekend. My order was for just five photos.

I waited at the photo counter for a few minutes thinking that the clerk would be there any minute. When I finally realized someone may not actually be working the counter, I went to the main checkout and asked if someone could help me. The girl there seemed annoyed as she paged the photo tech.

The photo tech shows up a few minutes later but looks pissed that she has to <gasp> work. She obviously hadn’t yet processed my photos (even though I had received an email that my order was completed) and told me she was working on it now. I reiterated that there were only five pictures. As I had worked in a photo lab a long time ago, I know that should only take a few minutes.

Ten more minutes go by. During that time she’s filed her nails, played with her phone and casually wandered around the store. The machine is cranking away, and loads of pictures are printing. I think nothing of this because I figure she hasn’t worked all day so she’s playing catch up and my order must be way behind these other photos.

After what feels like an eternity, she grabs a small stack of photos and proceeds to ring up what she thinks is my order. I stop her and said I only ordered five pictures. With the biggest sigh she could possibly utter, she pulls out five photos. And now I see that she processed each of my five photos, five times.

Thanks. I think.


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