Weather or not…here I come?

Airlines reserve the right to change/cancel flights at a moment’s notice. Yet, if I want to change my flight in advance of bad weather I will incur financial reprecussions.

This winter in the Northeast has been fairly snowy thus far and I am just being proactive, knowing that weather and flights do not equal on-time, if at all. So I’m just trying to change my travel plans in advance of the flying clusterf*ck we all know will happen should there be snowfall.

[US-based discount airline] has not yet determined if they will allow changes free of charge due to the storm’s path. If I decide to make the change and there are no fee waivers in place I would need to pay a change fee and the difference in the cost of the flight as it stands on the day of the change.

Obviously the cost of the flight is going to be much higher if I decide to change the dates withing 24-36 hours of travel.

Suggestion of the day: save the fares for the date I booked the travel and let me pay the difference of what that fare was on that particular day. Not the fare two days prior to travel. In reality, those of us trying to plan ahead would be helping the airlines. The seats we’d be willing to give up for an earlier flight are two less seats the airline would need to get from point A to point B should the weather go awry.


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