Oprah’s Bombshell

Oprah has a half-sister. I didn’t catch the whole story but I saw bits and pieces of the story on several morning news shows. Good for her! How many times over the years has she had one of those stories on her own show? And now, she’s one of those stories.

Very nice of Patricia, the long-lost sister, not to send the story to the tabloids before reaching out to Oprah herself. It shows a lot of class. And it seems that by doing so she was in Oprah’s good graces before they even met. She said this which shows a lot of class by both women.

“When I heard this about you, I said regardless, I didn’t know if it was true or not true that you are my sister, I had to meet you because I wanted to meet someone who had that type of character,” Winfrey said. “So thank you.”

Nice story.


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