No one seems to know much about where I came from. I have bits and pieces to work from. Has anyone out there been successful in tracking their ancestry? If you are related to me, even better. If you are related to me and live in a foreign land, seriously awesome.

Am heading to the birthplace of my great grandma later this week, and all I have is a copy of her original birth certificate (though I realize this is an awesome start). There’s an immigration museum in Buenos Aires but it would have been her parents that immigrated there. But lacking lots of info like possible years they came, from where (conflicting reports within my family) and how (I assume steerage on a ship unless there’s some kind of royalty lineage – doubtful).

Know I also have family that came from Eastern Europe and Russia but they had such common surnames that it’s going to be a difficult search. Trips to those lands will not happen in the dead of winter. Need to not be wearing an ushanka (google ‘big Russian hat’ – that’s what I just did) when I go to unearth the mysteries of my family history. Am thinking more like flip flops and a sun dress. Like I will be later in the week in BsAs 🙂

Let the sleuthing begin.


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