Simply spectacular

There’s not much to say here. The pictures do not do the experience and the views in person any justice.

This was amazing and spectacular to see in person.

I have many photos of this experience so picking three was difficult.

In this photo, a big hunk of ice, maybe the size of a bedroom, fell off the side. We got there, got the camera ready, thinking we’d get a still, but instead ice broke off at the moment I hit the button. It falls fast and furious and the sounds were incredible. You can see the rings from the splash as the ice landed in the water. I felt like I was in a National Geographic documentary.


This picture is after a 50 minute hike to get to the part of the glacier we would actually be hiking on. Read: a steady part. This is where land meets ice. Of course this land WAS ice a long time ago.


This picture is from actually being on the glacier. It actually looks like what I think the moon looks like except here, the Andes are in the background.


Simply spectacular.


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