Just a regular Friday

Today was the rainy day where we ditched the plans to take an hour ferry to Uruguay. If it was raining in BsAs, it was raining an hour away we were told.

The coolest part about today was the story about finding all the information about my great grandma from our government office goose chase. You can read more about this adventure in my post called A Family History.

The second government building we were directed to had been around for some time.


As you will see in the post with the longer story, we had a contact who had a wealth of information. She had asked us to come back in an hour so we had time to kill. We went to a nearby coffee shop called Havanna. It’s like Starbucks – they were on nearly every corner. Each of the coffees came with a shot glass of water. In Argentina, and probably everywhere except the US, they do not walk around with coffee to go. It is meant to be enjoyed at a table. Except it was packed, so we had to sit at the coffee bar.


As you may have already read in the other post, once we got the info, it also included the address of the apartment building where my great grandma was born and where her family lived. Here is a picture of the outside of the building.


Hopefully it’s the same apartment building but we will never know for sure. The place looks like it could have been the same; as it did look old yet nicely restored.

To celebrate our find we went shopping, or rather, I shopped. And we ate. Since we couldn’t get used to the late dinners – see post ‘Dinnertime or Bedtime’ for the deets. Instead, for a late lunch, we went to a steak house.

They don’t mess around with their cow and pig parts.

There was even an electronic screen that highlighted a part of the cow, told you its name in English and Spanish, flashed and then moved onto another part of the cow to do the same instructional type video. It was hard to capture on camera so these still photos of the signs hanging on the walls will do and have a similar effect.

Since I don’t eat steak the waiter suggested that my boyfriend ordered a half portion. When they delivered it to our table he was certain  they goofed. Even my meal – which was an appetizer, they gave me half – which could have fed four adults, easily. There was so much food I had wished I didn’t order my appetizer. I could have been full just on the sides that came with the steak!

We were seated at a table for four people, and there was seriously enough food for two more people to come and join us.

As we were still full from lunch many hours later, dinner consisted of ice cream.


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