Little Glimpses

I was in the line at the bank, and of course at lunchtime, there were only two tellers when there were enough windows for five. There’s a long line forming and yet only two tellers working. But of course there’s a greeter, and some other random bank employees milling around but I digress.

While waiting in line one of the people at the teller window was having a problem with her requested transaction.

I couldn’t understand the whole conversation but basically there was a transaction that had happened by someone else on the account (husband maybe?) and she couldn’t make her transaction (am guessing there were not enough funds) because she and the teller couldn’t figure out what currency these other transactions had been made in..

This woman dialed someone trying to find out where his transactions had taken place. Like in what COUNTRY.

First – Google? Can she not Google the currency to find out where it is used?

Second – How do you not know where someone who is on your bank account is traveling? Clearly, I only have a small piece of the story, but it made me intrigued for more.

Unfortunately the story ends here because I have no more information. She stepped away from the counter in disgust and I was next.


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