Their Grammar Sucks

In the past few days, I have received business emails from several different emails that included the following text…

“You should of received…” and… “Do to some scheduling…” and “We’re glad your happy.”

This makes my skin crawl. While I am not the grammar queen, I still like to speak and write proper English.

While I am the kind of person that circles typos in take out menus (yes, I really do this), should I have to be doing that on work emails as well? It doesn’t annoy me so much on a text message or on quick email exchanges back and forth between friends, but a professional email? Come ON!

It probably stems from the fact that while growing up my mom would make me reword my sentences if they weren’t proper grammar – in mid-conversation!

ME: “Mom, I want to blah blah blah.”

MOM: “What?”

ME: “You heard me, I want to blah blah blah.”

MOM: “What?”

By the second time I usually understood what she was doing and I would have to rephrase my sentence.

This happened growing up, but she’s been known to still do it every now and then. In fact, sometimes she sends me notes on my sentence structure on a few blog posts. It’s like I have a proofreader at the ready.

sidenote: I was going to make the subject of this blog post “You’re Grammar Sux” but the incorrect use of ‘you’re’ when it should be ‘your’ along with the short hand ‘sux’ irked me so much that I had to change it to proper English before I hit the publish button.


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