Guac, Margs & Sunny Skies

Here we are, the fifth of May, also known as Cinco de Mayo!

I’m already craving guacamole and margaritas…but in a twist of cultures, I am going out for Ethiopian food for dinner tonight.

Speaking of the fifth of MAY…yes, we are in May. What is with this weather? All week I have been rotating between my lighter winter coat and a jean jacket. Can we just agree to get the temps up to break out of this cold and dreary weather?

I have winter clothes and I have summer clothes. Creating outfits to fit this in between weather is driving me nuts. Please let’s break out the summer dresses and flops already!


As an addendum I had lunch in an Irish pub…quesadillas. Today is turning into quite the ethnic food day!

Another addendum: post-dinner at the Ethiopian restaurant, beers at a German restaurant…I have been in quite a few places around the world today and avoided airport security lines all day long!


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