Luxury Living

While I’m on a roll with hellish apartments…here’s yet another apartment story, from a different apartment…it’s from my roommate at the time’s perspective and it’s from an old email so it really captures the true essence of the nastiness.

I either blocked this one out of my memory or I was traveling for work at the time. I remember a brown water incident when the pipes in town burst and we couldn’t shower for three days. This was, ironically, not THAT time.

Courtesy of M:

After a long and exhausting day at work, I came home. After laying on the couch for a few minutes I decided to get into the shower. I walked into the bathroom and I am now standing in ankle deep water!

HMMMM! What is this? I turn on the light and the sink is filled with dirt, water and peices of sheetrock. The toilet looks like it has been rained on and underneath the sink is a pool of water -destroying all the cotton balls, Q-Tips, Band-Aids, etc.

I go into the kitchen [yes, we had a landline] to call the landlord and the phone and microwave are both soaking wet. I open the cabinets and I am now wet from the water that came pouring out of them.

The landlord tells me that the pipes burst on the third floor and the water has traveled down into our apartment, but the cleaning service [that the landlord owned] will clean it tomorrow. And he had the nerve to say this was not an emergency.

Everything in the cabinets, kitchen and bathroom, had to be cleaned and moved, so the cleaning people could do their job. Making it grosser was that the water was brown with chunks of sheetrock floaters. This concoction was in our kitchen cabinets and in the bowls and glasses that were in the cabinets.

Sidenote: we had several bad experience with this cleaning service, one being the underwear thievery, the other, when they ‘cleaned’ as we were moving in…which happened to be the day the painters were painting the apartment. Yes,that really happened. More on that in another post.

Ah, luxury living [at the time we thought this was the life – HA] at it’s finest.


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