Suggestions for Keychain Scrabble

I’m totally addicted to Scrabble – real life, with a board and online. So waiting at the airport for a flight earlier this year, I decided to purchase travel Scrabble. It was an impulse buy and I should have immediately known there would be a problem when it was called Keychain Scrabble.

Below are my thoughts on how to make it better. No response to my concerns. Clearly there are enough suckers that buy it, myself included, there is no need to make any changes. Lesson learned. It truly only serves a purpose of, a keychain.



I recently purchased a travel Keychain Scrabble game at the airport during my most recent trip. Unfortunately I was not able to play with it.

But, here are some suggestions on how you can improve the next iteration of the game so other consumers aren’t as disappointed as I was.

1. The board should be bigger. In fact, it can be a folding board and you can make it big enough to fit on airplane tray table. This hardly fills up my whole hand.
2. The pieces should be bigger than they are. They were tiny and very hard to use, and very easy to lose.
3. Include more letters so that we can take more than three turns each. Much prefer to have as many pieces are in the standard game.
4. Lightweight. It’s too light. Pieces stick to your fingers. There’s no weight to the pieces.
5. Letter bag should seal so pieces can’t be lost if bag happens to flip or fall.

I would be happy to provide more insight as Scrabble is my favorite board game of all time. This is sadly, just a Scrabble keychain.



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