Fabulous, Fantastic and Fun Fourths!

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Hands down, the Fourth is the best holiday all year.

The Fourth falls smack in the middle of summertime. There are fireworks, it’s a long weekend, there are picnics with burgers, hot dogs, beers and music, lots of patriotism and quality time with friends and family…I mean, what’s not to love?

It’s the best. I’ve had so many fun Fourths! It has always been my favorite holiday and as a kid, it always happened to fall during our own family summer vacation, and oh so close to my birthday. I have to give my parents so much credit for always making our family Fourths fabulously fun – sorry, I am loving the alliteration.

Fun Family Fourths include:

  • Seeing the first Fourth of July parade in the nation, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Literally, the first since the parade starts at midnight!
  • Spending the holiday weekend exploring and enjoying our nation’s capital
  • Picnicking on various beaches along the Eastern Seaboard watching the sunset followed by watching fireworks overhead
  • Spending it with the Mouse and his friends in Disney World (which as an adult I could only say would be pure hell)
  • No list is complete without a nod to my dad and his grill skills and my mom’s macaroni salad. Our backyard barbeques were always, and are still, tons of fun – on the Fourth or not.

What were your memorable Fourths? If you are here in the States, have a safe and fabulous holiday weekend.


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