Caffeine Nation

So I don’t usually frequent [well-known coffee chain in the US]. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the flavor and I don’t crave the caffeine and I have all the tea and hot chocolate at my disposal in my workplace.

Today, I was asked to join some colleagues for a coffee run. I went. But what’s a girl to do? The options! The calories! The names! The sizes! The caffeine!

Instead of getting a drink, I had originally planned to stop off and grab some chocolate, (I had my salty fix earlier in the day) so let’s not get too hung up on the calorie count of these drinks. But I don’t want to drink the calories. I’m all about snacking, but that’s snacking. Sipping calories…unless it’s a chocolate malted milkshake, I say, what’s the point?

Plus, it was late in the day, so I wasn’t looking for a caffeine rush. If I really a boost, I will drink a Mountain Dew. I like to think that I am naturally caffeinated 😉

I let my cohorts know I don’t like coffee so they direct me to the various iced tea offerings. I, too, can make tea, throw a few ice cubes in and voila…iced tea.

I’m also a bit of a tea snob, so I also have my own tea selection at my desk, so I’ve got instant access to enjoyable flavors.

So I’m not sure why the lines are terrifically long. Maybe the coffee is THAT good. I won’t know the difference. But tea? It’s weak. So weak in fact that I poured some of my own tea into it for some more flavor.

Sorry [well-known coffee chain in the US].

For all of you loyal coffee chain fans, what’s your drink of choice?

And, I’m all about second chances. Convince me to try again! Even if it is a quasi-coffee drink.


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