“What can I get you?”

Thought this was hilarious.

How I interpret my picks:

Water – Short flight or ridiculously long flight
Apple juice – I want to go to sleep
Wine – I nearly missed my flight, or it was super delayed
Bloody Mary – It’s an early morning flight

And I have to agree. I think ginger ale is magic sky juice. I sometimes get it on the ground, but not a flight over 5 hours goes by without me ordering a ginger ale.

What I hate is that they always pour perfectly warm juice (yes, I like warm juice) in a cup overflowing with ice. I have sensitive teeth and I can’t drink crazy cold beverages with ice. So, I used to ask for a straw, which they never have, but then I realized the coffee stirrers dual as straws. So now I say with a stirrer. Problem is when you are on a flight where the stirrer is, just a stirrer. Then the flight attendant says, do you mean a straw?

Yes dammit. I was making things easier for you!


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