You Want What?

I stopped at the bank the other day asking for checkbook registers.

The guy looked at me and was like don’t you do online banking? Yes, as a matter of fact I do (and I know quite a few who have not yet embraced it). But I am really anal and I don’t trust the bank so I like to keep a record as well. It took him a few minutes, but he was able to scour up two checkbook registers.

Are these obsolete? Am I the only one who keeps track with these still…aside from the non-online banking people?


3 responses to “You Want What?

  • Melissa

    You know that I use them…I ask for “a few of them” whenever I need them. I think more people keep track than the banks will lead us to believe…but I say it’s OK to be anal about your money…certainly the bank will not be 🙂

  • simply three cents

    Oh I know you definitely keep track! And you may very well be the reason I do! Am I really supposed to trust the bank, with my money?

    Because of my anal record-keeping (thank you very much M!), I caught them charging me $3USD just for a check image on the paper statement, an image that was always there. I didn’t need it, and I didn’t ask for it. After three months, and three asks, at three different banks, they finally credited me $9USD. They must be making a fortune on the people who didn’t notice.

    You should see the stunts / fees they pull when you take out money overseas…and then, there’s nothing you can do. Unless there is, and if you know, please share!

  • Melissa

    I’ve actually never taken money out overseas-I usually just use a credit card and I’m still one of the few people who like to use travelers checks-but then again my “overseas” travel includes only Mexico and some Caribbean islands traveled by Cruise Ship-so I was able to charge most of the Island purchases to our room (which never ends well!)

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