For Better or For Worse

I’m a fan of getting advice from locals. How else would you find out-of-the-way places to stay (getting a room on a coffee plantation after the storm of the year finds the Belize soccer team needing your hotel room for the night), drink at a gem of a wine bar near Mickey (Orlando, Florida), and sent you to a smaller, less populated day-trippers island (and according to the water taxi captain, supposedly with a better restaurant) off the island of Hvar (Jerolim, Croatia).

While I am a huge fan of doing your research before, research about a place, reviews about places, etc, there’s something to be said about interacting with the locals and getting their opinions on what’s great. Their perspective is absolutely 100% going to be different from from a guide-book. They will get you off the beaten path and they will get you

What’s the best and worst travel advice you have ever received — while on the road? You know, the advice you get from actually talking and interacting with the people who live there 😉

Share in the comments below.


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