A Warm Welcome…Or Is It?

I always get a little skittish going through Customs, even though I have nothing to hide. When the customs officers flip through my passport, and ask a few questions about my travels, I always get a little bit nervous. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because the fear of not getting ‘let back’ in is a little bit nerve-racking.

Did I go over my allotted money to spend abroad? Am I going to get asked what I was doing (traveling!)? When I lived in London, it was during the foot and mouth disease outbreak, was the chocolate I brought back going to get confiscated? Milk products were iffy and I made the call to bring it in the country. There was no major outbreak from my decision if I recall correctly and I believe I did tell customs about my purchase.

Then there are the things you want to bring in but are not certain they will make it. Like the British man I sat next to on a flight from London to New York. He had a cheese wheel. A serious cheese wheel in the overhead compartment. It was his entire carry-on. We parted ways as I entered through the US citizen line and he did not so I have no idea if that cheese wheel made it in, but I imagine if it did not, the customs agent had a field day eating it.

And then there are those items that you are absolutely certain you can take home, but don’t make it farther than the gate at the starting airport.

Wandering Earl, a permanent nomad, has had some amazing travel experiences, and some ‘not-so-great returning to the States’ experiences, like when US Customs found a bullet in his pocket.

But when he was recently welcomed home, with open arms, it makes you wonder, why does this agent stick out? Shouldn’t there be a lot more of these agents, than not?


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