Life. Uncomplicated.

I feel like everyone has secret tips to make life easier. If we all shared, how much easier life could be! Here are three of mine.

Tip 1: Don’t you hate when you slip on a shirt or a dress and then you realize you just got deodorant all over a perfectly good outfit? It happens to me more often than not. I learned this trick years ago. Don’t wet it. Rub the material together — just rub a clean part of the material over the part that has the deodorant. May take a minute or two of rubbing but voila!

Tip 2: Tomatoes for taco night are a must. But I find chopping tomatoes messy, annoying and tedious. And I can never get it just right. Instead I buy pre-made bruschetta at the supermarket for taco night! They are already diced and seasoned so they instantly (and more importantly, easily) add kick to the meal!

Tip 3: Don’t you hate running out the night before a trip to pick up those last-minute things? When I know I am going away, I make my list early in the week so those ‘last minute’ things are done before the night before. Since my travel toiletry bag is always ready to go, I just have to take a peek to see if I am really low on something. Best case scenario (this doesn’t always happen) — I am packed and ready to go the day before. That way the night before is just compiling the little things that need to get packed the morning of (glasses, phone charger, phone).

What makes your life easier? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.


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