Are you ready for some football? Because I’m not.

It’s definitely (American) football season. I really have no interest but I join a pool every year so I can feign some kind of interest, allowing me to have a conversation with the boyfriend on football Sundays.

The pool I play in you just have to pick by the spread. With that said I use very scientific methods.

I make my picks each week based on the following. I vary between categories based on each of the week’s matchups.

For example:

1 – Who likes them?

I pick teams based on people I know who like them. With the exception of my hometown teams, teams that fall in that category are the Raiders, the Browns, the Seahawks, the Broncos, the Ravens and the Cowboys (the boyfriend’s favorite team).

2 – The Cowboys division

Then there are the teams in that division, so that’s just based on the spread and who is home. Though I usually root for the underdog. So there’s the Eagles, the Redskins and the Giants. I kind of just pick and choose. I know tons of people who like all of these teams so I don’t go on if someone likes them. While not in the division, I do include the Jets here because they are one of the hometown teams.

If the boyfriend gets annoyed at the Cowboys, like last season, I pay attention, because at the end of the day, I am looking to win the pool.

3 – My kind of town

I also pick other teams based on the city – and if I like it, or want to go there – teams that fall into this category are the Titans, the Chargers, the Bears, Arizona, the 49ers, Kansas City and Green Bay.

4 – Show your true colors

And then I pick teams based on their uniform because I like the colors for Carolina, the Vikings, Tampa Bay and the Seahawks also fall into this category.

5 – Where are you from?

If it really comes down to the wire, I will pick for location – people who are living there. While I don’t typically lean towards Atlanta or Miami, I know people living there, so they get picked once in a while.

6 – What’s the weather like?

If it’s snowing and the Bills are playing Miami – I am going with the Bills. If it’s 90 degrees in October, I am going with Miami. I’m picking for the climate they are used to playing in more consistently.

7 – Usually really good

The Saints, the Patriots, the Colts and Pittsburgh fall into this category. However, I hate Pittsburgh’s uniform so I try not to root for them much. Plus as a huge Ravens fan, my brother-in-law would kill me.

8 – Cute quarterbacks

Drew Brees, Matt Cassel and Eli Manning are a few.

I know I am missing a few teams and they just don’t really fall into any of these categories.

What’s the method to your madness?


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