What’s your go-to dish?

People always have their go-to recipe when bringing a dish to a party. Mine is wine. Or cheese. Last Thanksgiving my sister hosted and she put me in charge of…the wine and the appetizer. She assumed I would bring a simple starter, like cheese. But I surprised her with a recipe for sun-dried tomato bruschetta I had eaten at a book club meeting a few weeks earlier.

What’s your go to recipe? I know my (five) readers have some delicious recipes of their own…there’s a layered taco dip, there’s homemade mac and cheese, there’s some amazing sausage patty thing, there’s some great mac salad, there’s a buffalo chicken wing dip and there’s a brie and croissant gooey mouthwatering awesomeness out there! Feel free to share — you know who you are!!


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