City Mouse or Country Mouse?

Just because I have been to Paris does not mean I have seen France. It would be like a foreigner coming to New York City and telling people he has seen the United States.

Large cities only give a taste of the local culture. I think travelers may (I said may, as this post might spark some debate!) get more out of small or even rural towns that may not even have a name, to really get a sense of a place.

Of course in a city there are more opportunities to take advantage of cultural opportunities (museums, theatre and the like), but in my experience, the people you are interacting with, came from somewhere else! And that ‘somewhere else’ is what I like to explore most on my travels.

Being that I spend a good deal of time in NYC in my ‘normal’ life, I like to get outside of cities when I travel and/or vacation.

Comment below. Are you a city mouse or a country mouse when you travel?


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