A Penchant for Pens

Continuing my downsizing streak, I have made heaps of progress. One of my places of progress was the junk drawer. While it’s not totally ‘junk’ I was able to eliminate a little bit. Including pens.

For some reason the boyfriend and I have a ridiculous number of pens. So I went through and downsized. I must have downsized once before because most of the pens were organized in a little bag. Of course there were still pens in other drawers, or loose even in the junk drawer.

So I took a stand. I was going to eliminate pens. I don’t like black ink, so I got rid of those. I got rid of pens that don’t write, and I got rid of pens that I don’t like their shape.

For someone so particular about her pens, we have a lot. I gave the boyfriend a chance to ‘save’ any pens that he felt were near and dear, so he rescued a few. I found the whole situation kind of funny. Pens don’t take up a lot of space, but I was hell bent on eliminating them.

I wouldn’t want to start counting pens, nor would I want to ask anyone else to do such a thing, so I am leaving the unofficial focus group to shoes, and shoes alone.


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