REI Soho

It’s about time. An REI in my backyard!

It’s taken over the historic Puck Building which has angered some people, that big business has taken over. But, what’s better – an empty gorgeous building, or a retailer that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the island?

No more traveling to East Hanover, New Jersey or Tempe or Tucson, Arizona to wander around one of my favorite stores.

I stopped by the store a few days after the grand opening and the store was gorgeous. The loft space was incredible. The staff was helpful. And there was so. much. stuff!

It was about an hour before I checked the time and realized that I had been wandering for nearly an hour! I had stopped by with the intention of picking up just a few things but the sheer space (it’s three floors!) kept me looking at everything, and then some!

Do you know there are portable toilets for sale? Like fold it up and stuff it in a bag when you are done kind of portable toilets. (Was not, and will never be on my to buy list).

Can’t wait to go back to check out their classes and outdoor activities planned for the local area.

Have you been? Are you going to go? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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