A little bit of springtime

I was in the elevator earlier this week. I had picked up some Gerber daisies (aside from tulips, my other favorite) to add a bit of spring to my apartment. There was an older woman in the elevator with me and she commented on how vibrant the colors were. I mentioned that I hated winter and thought a little bit of spring would be nice right about now.

She said she livens up the dreary days with a cocktail. I then lifted my bag which held a bottle of wine. To which she told me she stopped drinking wine because there are too many calories and carbs. Sidenote: wine has carbs? Oops. She said she sticks with vodka these days.

The elevator opened on her floor. I figured she seemed like a cocktail connoisseur so I said what do you mix your vodka with?

As she walked out of the elevator, her response? “Ice.”


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