An American, two Australians and a Train to Bruges

I fondly remember using my Let’s Go Europe circa 2000.

Because it was in English, I tended to attract other English speaking travelers. In this particular situation I was waiting for the train to Bruges. A lovely couple from Australia came over to me asking about the status of the train. I probably knew as much as they did but we agreed to join forces and figure it out together.

They must have been in their sixties at the time and we shared a lovely ride to Bruges together talking about our homelands, our travels and what we were planning to see and do in Bruges.

The commuter train to Bruges was packed and the three of us were standing for the better part of the trip. When two seats opened up, the husband offered me one of the seats next to his wife as he stood for the duration of the short train ride.

It’s the simple things that make a solo traveler not so solo.


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