It’s Officially Official!

An abridged version of the email I sent to friends and family alerting them of my upcoming plan, or lack thereof: 

I have been contemplating the idea of quitting my job to travel throughout South America.Yesterday I did it.Yesterday I resigned from my job so I can travel throughout South America for two months.

Yes, seriously. I can’t believe it either. I’m very excited but if I am being totally honest you should know that my heart is pounding, I’m a tiny bit nauseous and my hands are shaking as I prepare to hit send on this email.

While my heart is speed-racing, you might have a few questions. Here are the answers:
  • I have not gone insane.
  • I know the economy is bad.
  • The boyfriend and I are still very much together.

Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador have made the short list.

I don’t have a solid travel plan, nor do I want one. This is a lot of ground to cover, so we’ll see where the wind takes me. If I love a place, I will stay longer. If I don’t, I will leave.

I have a general route I would like to follow but my itinerary will be dictated by what I want to do and see*, and recommendations I get from other travelers on the road.

Now that my plan is public knowledge (read: I gave my notice to my job) I feel comfortable sharing my planning process and how I came to this decision.

In recent weeks I have learned far too much about quick-dry travel towels, travel insurance and mosquito repellant. I’ve also learned that there are a lot of different kinds of locks. I have learned how to properly pack a rucksack (shoes do not go on the bottom) and I have kind of fallen in love with I can also reveal which vaccination made me feel the worst (it shocked me too) and other fun facts.

While I am on the road I will be blogging but I will not be updating every day as I did in 2011. Writing once a day was my New Year’s resolution for 2011. I have new resolutions for 2012.

If you want to follow my journey, there are a few ways. You can enter your email on the site and you can decide if you want daily or weekly updates. You can like ‘Simply Three Cents’ on Facebook or you can follow @SmplyThreeCents on Twitter, though I anticipate I will be using it mostly for travel advice. You can choose one, or any combination.

I depart soon. Like January 24 soon.

If you can, come say bon voyage. Or more like buen viaje.

Saturday, January 21
Pilsener House


* Pending situations that are out of my control such as weather (washed out roads) and protests (blocked roads).


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