FAQs: The Route and Accommodation

FAQ: Why South America?

I love the culture and the people and the food and the lifestyle. There are so many places I want to see. I speak Spanish and I’d love to speak it better. I want to explore. I want to experience local culture. I want to get off the beaten path. I want to participate in local customs. I also love summertime which is the season I will be traveling.

FAQ: Where are you going?

I have booked my flights so that I fly into Buenos Aires and I fly home from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

FAQ: So, you’ll just be traveling around Argentina and Ecuador?

No, I will be traveling through various countries to make my way from point A to B.

FAQ: What countries do you want to visit then?

The short list includes Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

FAQ: Bolivia? What the hell is in Bolivia?

The Salt Flats. While this is something I would love to do, the time of year I will be there, is the rainy season. From what I have read and heard, the roads in Bolivia are bad on a regular day. That, and some unscrupulous tour operators, may impact whether I go to Bolivia on this trip. Think positively.

FAQ: How are you going to get around?

I will be taking a lot of buses. Slow travel saves money, allows you to explore deeper and is better for the environment.

Bus service in Argentina and Chile is supposed to be fantastic. Bus service in other countries will be part of the adventure.

I have one domestic flight booked within Chile…more on that later.

FAQ: Where are you going to sleep? Aren’t hotels going to be expensive for such an extended period of time?

I am a fan of B&Bs. I am no stranger to hostels though it’s been a long time. We’ll be reacquainted soon.

I plan to use the Couchsurfing network, I would like to try AirBnB and I am hoping to WWOOF which provides accommodation in return for farm work.

FAQ: Hostels? Aren’t they for students?

Not at all. You can choose between a dorm, a single or a double room.

FAQ: Couchsurfing? What is that?

It is a network of like-minded people. It’s not just for a couch.

FAQ: What’s WWOOF?

Click here. And also click here to be redirected to the WWOOF site. There are participating farms all over the world, including the States.


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