Estas Aqui!

After hours of wandering around town around 8 I made my way back to the BuqueBus Terminal to meet Laura for our scheduled meeting time.

I settled into a seat in the arrivals terminal and took a look around and for the first time that day, realized, with loads of excitement and butterflies in my stomach that I WAS ACTUALLY IN URUGUAY!!

I must have been sitting in the terminal with a dumb smile on my face.

Soon after coming to the realization that I was in Uruguay, I saw a girl about my age with two other women, look over and walk towards me. I stood up and we introduced ourselves.

I guess I wasn’t hard to find. I am pretty certain that I was the only gringa in the arrivals area of the terminal.

Laura came with her mom and her friend. I quickly learned that Laura’s mom didn’t speak more than a few words of English, which would prove to be a great, and very quick, immersion back into speaking Spanish. I didn’t want to alienate her in the conversation, but it took a while to get my grammar straightened out but Laura did a fine job of translating.

We learned that it wasn’t user error at the cash machine at the terminal. It didn’t work. We would sort it out later and we got into her car and dropped her friend off at her car just a few blocks away.

Laura was eager to show me around and I was eager to start seeing!


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