Cuanto paga?

It was a short walk from the bus station to Laura’s apartment.

I would drop off my backpack, reserve a hostel for the night and then we would set off to explore Colonia for the day.

Laura’s apartment was a two bedroom, one bathroom with an open living room/dining room, kitchen and a small terrace. She had beautiful views of the sea and it could have been in New York. Except for the price.

We chatted a bit about cost of living and she asked me how much I paid for my apartment. I told her. And then I couldn’t help but ask her the same question.

After the quick currency conversion I was in shock at the number she told me, just like she was in shock for the number I told her.

This conversation was enough to tell me to get out of the NY area quickly upon my return. It also told me that if I was asked again (which I would be asked plenty) to lower that number by a few hundred dollars to reduce the shock factor.

And speaking of accommodations, I booked a room at a hostel for that night. I let them know I would be checking in later in the day. But first, Laura would give me the best tour ever.


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