Buenos Dias Montevideo!

We talked for hours and didn’t go to bed until nearly four am. We said good night and agreed to wake up just five hours after going to bed.

Laura had a two bedroom apartment and gave me her room to sleep in while she shared the guest bedroom with her mom.

Around 9am Laura knocked on my (her) door to let me know that breakfast was ready.

As I sat down to the table she apologized for not having bacon and eggs.

I started laughing and asked if she learned that from watching US television? She smiled and replied yes. I laughed and tried to rectify this assumption. I let her know that I normally have a bowl of cereal. And I told her that some people even skip the first meal of the day.

Laura’s mom had gone to the shop to pick of breakfast and there were a few paper bags set out on the table while her mom prepared tea and coffee. I was curious what was inside the bag and as Laura opened them to set it out on plates, I found out that a typical breakfast consists of medialunas (croissants) and lots and lots pastries covered in sugar.

Uruguayans love their sweets!

American television does a disservice to the rest of the world, and ourselves, by how we are portrayed. The bacon and eggs reference was just one of many I encountered in my travels.

During breakfast the TV was on in the background airing Buenos Dias Montevideo, which is along the lines of Good Morning America, but they are dressed way more casual. Some of the hosts are beachside, even in swimsuits, giving their morning reports.


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