Touring Punta!

I wanted to see more of Punta del Este before I left for my next Uruguayan beach town.

I wandered out of the downtown and around the peninsula …

Found this house en route to the peninsula. Those windows – look out to the ocean.

Here’s a shot from the distance of the Miami Beach part of Punta.

The rocky part of Punta.

When I got to the point of the peninsula, you could tell you were away from the masses. A Uruguayan flag, a cool breeze and a peaceful view awaited.

Heading towards the fish market, I walked through the yacht club. My yacht is somewhere in there…

And hitting the fish market, there as no doubt. This fish was fresh.

For about twenty minutes, I watched him slice and dice. In fact, to his left and right lining the port, were many fisherman selling their freshly caught fish. There were hundreds of fish getting sliced and diced.

Check out the bloody glove on his left hand. They all wore them. The guts were thrown back into the water and the fish were bought.

Also, check out the mate in the metal cup with the metal straw, next to the two knives. It’s the national drink! And it is good!

I watched this guy’s fish get sliced. See it? In the plastic bag. Yep, just thrown in, fins and all, and ready to go home.

The two guys on the left sitting at the table ran this ‘shop.’ I asked if I could take a photo and they didn’t mind at all. The spices smelled delicious! Probably taste delicious on the freshly caught fish each night too.

I still had a few hours before my bus would take me to La Pedrera. So I took out my scarf and made myself a makeshift beach towel to soak up the rays.

Have you ever visited to Punta del Este? What did you think?


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