You’re just going to wing it?

Up to this point in the trip, the biggest question I was getting from friends and family back home….What are your travel plans?

I don’t have many.

I booked myself on a flight from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina and I booked myself two months later on a flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador back to New York.

I had two months to get from point A to point B.

Three nights in February were accounted for with friends in San Pedro de Atacama. And the boyfriend is going to meet me at the end of my adventure for ten days in Ecuador.

And then I got, the next question…What do you mean? You’re just going to wing it?

Yes. I am sharing tips with other travelers that I will meet. The information gathered on the road will help shape my itinerary.

I’ve done lots of research, I have a guidebook and I will be able to find internet access if I need to do more research. I’m no stranger to planning on the fly.


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