Need to P, ASAP.

Who would leave a Starbucks after sitting and drinking a cup of hot chocolate last night with a 30 minute commute home WHILE your bladder is about to bust?

I would, that’s who.

Last night, as I began my journey home, walking towards the bus, I imagined scenarios like, what if I am on the bus and the bus breaks down? Was also thinking about my full bladder, the time that would elapse before I would get home and the urgency. Houston, I knew this was going to be a problem.

There are not many high end places on 8th Avenue in NYC to use facilities, so even with the urgency, I still needed to be picky or else I would find myself begging to using the bathroom at an adult novelty store, or worse.

First, I stopped at Brasserie Athennee on 46th Street. As I entered, I was holding my belly as if I was pregnant to garner some sympathy, yet the female hostess told me bathroom was for patrons only. No sympathy and I left.

Moving on to the next stop. Charley O’s on 45th Street. I had to go so bad I was going to actually say I was pregnant (I am not). Instead I held and rubbed my stomach as if I were pregnant. I don’t know if that worked, or if the hostess was just kind but she said yes, reluctantly, but it was still a yes.

To the hostess at Brasserie Athennee, karma’s a bitch. To the hostess at Charley O’s, thank you very much.

Lesson learned.


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