Workplace Peeves

I am certain this is only a partial list. But here are five for now.

1. Women that cannot use the bathroom properly. I’ve seen pee on the seat, on the floor, unflushed toilets and women who cannot clean up after themselves when Aunt Flo comes to town. And let’s not get started on how many women I have seen who don’t wash their hands. Come on, this is an office, not kindergarten.

2. People who steal food from the fridge. This has happened several times to a coworker who brings her lunch several times a week and it’s ridiculous. If you are so hard up for food that you are stealing from the company fridge, say something, and we’ll put together a collection for you. Or eat my food. Half the time I forget that I brought something so I am sure there are a few yogurts, bananas and PBJ sandwiches I forgot about.

3. People who come to work hocking up a lung and should be in bed. I used to sit across from a woman like this. One day I will post the letter I wrote asking, no, begging HR and the medical doctor at work, to send her home. She still came in.

4. People with no regard to inside voices. Not only do I not care about your work phone calls, I really don’t need to know about the inner most workings of your family and the legal battle you are intwined with due to your ex-husband’s drug problems.

5. People who just pop up at your desk [I sit in an open plan so there are very few offices] with no regard to what you are doing, expecting that you will drop everything for them. This happens whether you are on a conference (or personal) call, preparing for a meeting in a few minutes or in the midst of doing something that requires your utmost concentration. Like making a triple letter score on an online Scrabble game. Beat it.


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