Only in New York

Was walking to a friend’s apartment and on the corner of 42nd Street were two guys trying to sell a rack of coats. Yes, like the kind of rack you would see in a department store. It’s a street corner in the city about 7p not to mention 30 degrees and people were trying on coats as if they were in the middle of Bloomingdales.

While stopped at the light, laughing that this is so typically New York, I look to my right and see a man crossing the street, totally disregarding the light, with his pants unzipped with his genitalia hanging out, and then you realize…only in New York.


2 responses to “Only in New York

  • jason

    I always get a kick out of people selling “hot stuff” on the streets of NYC. I once had a friend of mine buy a VCR in a sealed box, looked for real. When he opened the box there was a brick in it. So much, for buying Hot Stuff on the street of NYC.

  • Cheryl

    Nice! Was he drunk?

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