A Pleasant Surprise

Getting to walk to a doctors appointment is one of the perks with city living.

Waiting 30 minutes to be seen is royally annoying, no matter where you live.

I totally understand doctors falling behind a few minutes throughout the day to put them that far behind for say a 4p appointment. But my appointment this morning was at 9am. I was one of the first appointments of the day!

The plus side of my visit was finding out that since my last appointment in August until today I lost a whopping 6 pounds.

I know this doesn’t sound like a lot given the time lapse and considering Lent (and my forced diet plan) started a week ago, but still, I’m pretty happy.

Maybe it was the healthy eating in Croatia, the hiking in Argentina or even getting sick in January, or maybe I am paying more attention to what I’m eating. Who cares. 6 pounds down is better than half a pound up!


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