Happy St. Patty’s Day! Today is when the world wants to be Irish, and I am no exception.

Listening to all the crowds outside my office window earlier today made me reminisce for more carefree days. Back then some may have called me lucky, no pun intended, that my geographic location enabled me to partake in one of the world’s biggest St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Some may not.

Besides the green shirts, the drinking and the good times, I am also reminded of various injuries sustained on St. Pat’s. Not just mine, mind you.

Like the scar on my left knee that’s still there all these years later. That was a result of trying to catch my pizza slice when the box went flying. Or what about my dear friend’s chin and her scar after she fell in a gutter?

Some of you reading may be horrified, and others might be laughing. Just make sure you are laughing with me.

Another year, the parade in NYC – it fell on a Saturday, and at some point late in the day, I had to use the bathroom. I had the bright idea to not go into McDonald’s to use it but instead visit the nearby off-track betting shop, as I figured they must have bathrooms, with no line. And alas, I was right. Always thinking outside the box.

Now that I’m older and wiser, but certainly still fun, I’m planning on a low-key pint of Guinness with some friends later today. And as I am older and wiser, I am not anticipating any injuries.


One response to “Sláinte!

  • ML

    laughing with you my friend! Also love that you are petrified of mattresses on the street, yet would pee in an OTB!! awesome 🙂

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