Completely surrounded by creativity, I’m at a loss for a creative title

Last night I went to the opening reception of the latest exhibition at Sloan Fine Art on the Lower East Side.

Some background: There was an open call for artwork. Artists had been asked to submit artwork on a used NYC MetroCard and my cousin Kristy had submitted four pieces.

Already knowing her work rocks, I was all set to meet her at the gallery. Left work and took the F train to Delancey, walked half a block, turned a corner and there’s a mattress on the sidewalk of me. UGHHH.

I am already neurotic about bed bugs which makes me a little crazy so I instantly (and most likely, correctly) assume that it’s infested. So I veer as far away from it as I can, which is a little difficult as it’s a high-traffic sidewalk, without looking like a total freak. Oh, gross. My head is itching as I write this.

The gallery is packed so I wait on the sidewalk for her which is an extension of the gallery because there are so many people. Which is totally fine, because this is a great neighborhood for people watching.

Looking around I realize…OMG. I am the dorkiest person there! Well, there’s only a few of us that can be clumped into that category, but it’s  the category I still belong in. Very few people looked like they came from an office in midtown – and I’m no ‘suit.’ There are such fun outfits, colors and accessories. I look SO lame but yet earlier in the day, at work, I looked hip compared to some people.

Once Kristy and her friends arrived, we headed inside. Super cool exhibition with hundreds of metro cards, including hers.

The exhibition at Sloan is open until March 26.

You should totally check out more of Kristy’s work

sidenote: Can you tell I just learned how to put links to websites in my posts?!


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