Slow Sushi System

Boyfriend and I went for sushi last night and I have come up with a system so there’s not a whole lot of food on the table all at once.

I should clarify. I am a pretty slow eater. Before you say it, I have heard it before. You know someone who eats really slow.

I can pretty much guarantee I eat slower. Always have. To give you a point of reference, as a kid, my mom would have the dinner table cleaned up and the plates would be loaded into the dishwasher, and yes, I would still be eating.

I can remember everyone dispersing from the table and my mom cleaning the table and place mats and I would still be eating. Which looking back is really kind of rude. On the plus side, I don’t think I ever cleaned up after dinner as a kid, other than my own plate, because it was already cleaned up by the time I finished.

So you get it. I eat slowly. Back to sushi last night.

It’s quite simple really – put the appetizer order in, and when it comes out, put the rest of the order in. This buys me more time to eat the app so I don’t feel like I am rushed when the entree comes out. Also, it prevents all the food coming out at once in case the server screws up (which has happened and foiled the plan).

I must caveat that this only works in a sushi restaurant. Most other places like to put everything in at once, and being a former server, I get it and can respect it. They’ll still just have to wait until I finish.


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