Who Would Have Thought?

After weeks of hobbling up and down stairs, along with the knee, leg and achilles pain since we returned from Argentina, I decided to visit one of my bff’s…the orthopedist.

I tell him the story and he doesn’t seem surprised that I am in pain. He also tells me that my achilles is swollen. Of course I ask about it popping and he said the chance is so minor. Hello, do we not know my luck?

He did the exam and then took some x-rays of the left knee. He also had me hop on my left foot. Before I do it, I ask it if could pop. He said if it does, you are already in my office. This is not comforting.

Diagnosis: I have tendonitis in both my knees and in my achilles. He wrote me a script for physical therapy. The left leg pain, just under the knee, is just a massive bruise and we’ll just have to wait that out for the pain to go away.

What a relief. Don’t get me wrong because clearly this is a pain – pun totally intended. But, as I’m a bit of a hypochondriac I had actually been anticipating emergency surgery to repair whatever it was that could have been broken, torn or otherwise damaged. So tendonitis? I can take that.

What is surprising is that I must have injured both knees at the time of hopping over crevices and hiking up and down the glacier but then, the pain on the right was so much more. Who knew I actually screwed up both.

Back to physical therapy!


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